Adriatic’s borders

The coasts of Croatia on background, in this photo of a dawn in July, mark the border of the Adriatic Sea.

Cape Korakàs (analogic photo 2000)

Cape Korakàs, near Porto Heli in Peloponnese, Greece. This 2000s analog photo shows the area where a luxury resort with SPA was built of a well-known hotel chain. It was more beautiful like that!

Thira, Sandorini island

View from Fira, the capital of Sandorini the most romantic island of Greece !


A Summers day at Sidmouth, Devon, UK

Beach Rocks

‘Behind the Rock’ at Exmouth, Devon, UK

‘Thessaloniki’ the second capital of Greece

One of the most beautiful cities Thessaloniki with its White Tower(not so white indeed), the traditional restaurants and the most friendly and relaxed people of Greece.

Navarino Bay

Olive trees with eye-catching, mediterranean scrub and a sea of incredible transparency. This is the Navarino Bay, Peloponnese, Greece


On the coast near Gityon, in the Gulf of Laconia, Peloponnese, you can observe this shipwreck, stranded perfectly on the sand of the beach, and now become a must for photographers and bathers.

Little church

Bruce Chatwin admired the Greeks because, he said, they reserved for God the best places to build a church.
This little church is located in the bay of Parga in Epirus, Greece.


The small village of Geroliménas is located on the peninsula of Mani, the central finger of the Peloponnese, Greece.
Its bay, which encloses a small harbor, has crystal clear waters and excellent fish.