Sailboat at sunset

Sailboat photo taken from Santa Cruz Wharf at sunset with West Cliff Drive in the background including the Surfing Museum Lighthouse in Santa Cruz, California

Sunday Sunset (08/12/18) USA/ET

Tonight’s sunset after the storm over DMV-area (DC/Maryland/Virginia)

Surf’s Up at Pleasure Point !

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Surf’s Up at Pleasure Point !
a world renowned surfing location in
Santa Cruz, California

Rockview Drive Beach Santa Cruz, California

Beautiful Sunny, Breezy day
Thursday July 5, 2018
Rockview Drive Beach
Santa Cruz, California

Sunset Aftermath Monday (06/25/18)

After the sunset, horizon of MD-VA border, suburbs of Washington, DC

Sunset Sky Monday (06/25/18)

Brilliant hues grace sunset sky over Rockville Pike, Montgomery County, Maryland…

Monday Sunset (06/25/18)

Sun setting over horizon of Northern Virginia-Maryland border outside Washington, DC

Natural Bridge Its Beach Santa Cruz, California

West Cliff Drive – Santa Cruz, California
Natural Bridge – Its Beach
Surfing Museum Lighthouse

Sunday Sunset Sky (05-27-18)

Sunday’s sunset sky over horizon of Montgomery County, Maryland, outside Washington, DC.

Tonight’s Sunset Sky (05/24/18)

Fire in the sky sunset over horizon of Maryland-Virginia border outside Washington, DC.