Robevi family house

The Robevi House is a famous and historic building in Ohrid, Macedonia. It was built in its current state in 1863–1864 by Todor Petkov from a village Gari near Debar. Today the house is a protected cultural monument and belongs to the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and National Museum. read more

Pirgaki’s juniper

The Pirgaki beach, in the south of Naxos Island, Greece, is almost always deserted or at most with very few people. Behind the beach, on fine sand dunes, you can see old junipers trees with twisted trunk, shadowing under the Aegean sun.
Analogic photo 2005

St. Klement and Panteleimon at Plaoshnik – OHRID

The church was built by St.Clement in 893 year on the foundation of an early Christian basilica, and dedicated to St.Panteleimon. It was here that the Ohrid Literary School, a center of Slavonic literary and cultural activity where it was educated more than 3,500 disciples.
St. Clement was buried in this monastery, in the tomb which was built by his own hands.
On Plaoshnik has been discovered the baptistery of the five aisle basilica with hooked crosses (swastikas) on the mosaic floors which date from the period between 4th and 6th century. It is assumed that this early Christian basilica at Plaoshnik upon which the Kliment’s monastery was built in the 9th century, was dedicated to St. Paul, the apostle. In Lichnid (present day Ohrid), the apostle Paul preached Christianity in the 1st century. read more

Ancient Theater – OHRID

The Ancient theater of Ohrid of the Hellenistic period is located in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. It was built in 200 BC and is the only Hellenistic-type. The open theater has a perfect location: the two hills that surround it keep it protected from winds that could interfere with acoustics during performances.
Since the late 1980 s, the theater is again a site of public performances, such as plays, concerts, operas, ballet performances. Recently, high-profile cultural performances such as those by the Bolshoi and José Carreras take place each summer as part of the Ohrid Summer Festival. read more

Podgora, between the mountain and the sea

Intertwined between the mighty Biokovo Mountain and the mystical sea, Podgora is embodied in its contrasts – the sea and the mountains, heights and depths, the timeless and the current. Observing its landscape, while you stand by the sea directly under the mountain, it awakes feelings of modesty and humility and directs you to what is truly important in life. read more

The capital of Georgia,Tbilisi enjoy it with


Anafi, a cute isl of Aegean sea

Anafi is a small South Aegean island in Cyclades with only
280 population in winter but a lot of tourists during summer. Full of sandy beach like Roukounas and Kalamos both iprotected under the EU Natura 2000 conservation scheme. Anafi is one and half hour from Santorini.

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    Beach life below Mont Blanc

    Life on the beach, with a Mont Blanc view #beachlife #MontBlanc

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    Thira, Sandorini island

    View from Fira, the capital of Sandorini the most romantic island of Greece !


    The Montefeltro is full of badlands, areas where the absence of trees and vegetation has given rise to the landslide, with the final result of the calanchus. Yet even these territories have their own charm.

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