Golden Gate Sunset

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a fantastic place to visit, many photo opportunities and if you go at the right time of year you can see the sunset under the bridge.

Spinnaker Sunrise

Most people go to Portsmouth to photograph the Spinnaker tower, but the best place to shoot it is in Gosport, across the water, especially at sunrise.


A Summers day at Sidmouth, Devon, UK

Beach Rocks

‘Behind the Rock’ at Exmouth, Devon, UK

Elishadder. Reflection, Loch Mealt Isle of Skye

A still day on the Loch. Loch Mealt is on the north east edge of the Isle of Skye


Clinton Dam

A look from the Clinton Dam in Clinton, Mass.

The Waterfront

At home on the waterfront

On Water’s Edge

Walking at the water’s edge just before the sun finally sets

Day at the Beach

Just another day at the Beach….

Sunset by the Lake

A snapshot of our beautiful lake at sunset.