Sunset Sky (05/10/18) USA

Sun barely peeking out behind clouds as it sets over N. Virginia horizon, Blue Ridge Mountains.

Sun Setting Below Clouds (05/10/18)

Northern Virginia horizon outside Washington, DC.

Sunset Sky (05/02/18) USA/ET

Orange hues fade to pink/violet to blue over Blue Ridge Mountains horizon, horizon of Maryland-Virginia, in sunset aftermath.

After Sunset (05/02/18) USA/ET

Brilliant hues grace sunset sky over horizon of Virginia-Maryland border with Blue Ridge Mountains (deep background)

Super Sunset (05/02/18) USA/ET

Tonight’s sunset outside Washington, DC, over horizon of Virginia-Maryland border…

Tonight’s Sunset (05/02/18-USA/ET)

Setting sun sneaks behind horizon of Virginia-Maryland border flanked by Blue Ridge Mountains…

Soothing Sunday Sunset (04/29/18)

Sunset over Maryland-Virginia horizon, Blue Ridge Mountains

Sunday Sunset (04-29-18)

Sugar Loaf Mountain in sunset sky…

Tonight’s Sunset Sky (04/26/18)

Pink hue over Maryland-Virginia horizon and Blue Ridge Mountains…

Spectacular Sunset Sky (3/3) 04/25/18

Brilliant hues grace horizon over N. Virginia…