Durdle Door

‘On the Edge’ at Durdle Door, Dorset, UK


Kiparissòs is a village on the road leading to Cape Tenaro. A few houses overlooking a beautiful sea, tranquility and good food.
An ideal place for a restful holiday.

The wonderful transparency of Capo Tenaro

This is Capo Tenaro’s water, at the very tip of the Mani peninsula, Peloponnese, Greece.
Along with Tarifa is the most southern point of continental Europe.
The landscape is sunny and arid, the climate is dry and hot; you can get there comfortably with your car.

Italian Summer Landscape

#modena #italy
Pic By @FedeSambora

2016 Summer Flashback…

Flashback fryday of summer 2016… Lowland of Modena, North Italy. Pic by @FedeSambora