Fire in the Sky Sunset

Another sensational sunset with brilliant hues of color resembling a fire in the sky. Shot with iPhone from Bethesda, Maryland (suburbs of Washington, DC).

Cold Moon

Trails leading down to a tranquil creek that features many waterfalls and swimming holes

Communing with Nature

Nature hike through the local arboretum.

SILVER LINING SUNSET Behind every cloud…

Behind or below every cloud in life there’s a silver lining or illuminating sunrise/sunset (USA/ET)

Sunset Over St. John.

This was taken one night in St. John Indiana. The whole skyline was a fiery red & orange and so bright.

Upside down the trees

On the small lake, trees are upside down so heaven is where earth is.

Farm Life

A piece of country life. A beautiful dawn on the farm inland.

In a maze of giant Prickly Pears!

Standing in a maze of giant Prickly Pears at Babylonstoren, one of the most magical places in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Walking down the sun

@picpolphoto – If you go to San Francisco, don’t forget to go to the Golden Gate Park. Walk, walk and walk across this awesome place until arrive to the beach, and enjoy!!

Solitary oak

There are still many solitary oaks in the Montefeltro countryside. In this area of the northern Marche region, nature offers the best of it on many occasions, all seasons of the year.