The abandoned village of Vàtia in the peninsula of Mani, Peloponnese, is slowly reopening, because its tower houses are restored by tourists, lovers of the beautiful view that can be enjoyed from this place.

Jupiter’s palm tree (analogic photo)

Today is probably no longer there, but in 1991 on the edge of the Jupiter Olimpic Temple in Athens, there was this young & green palm.

Cape Korakàs (analogic photo 2000)

Cape Korakàs, near Porto Heli in Peloponnese, Greece. This 2000s analog photo shows the area where a luxury resort with SPA was built of a well-known hotel chain. It was more beautiful like that!

Swimming challenge – La sfida di nuoto

A photo taken from the road running on the east coast of the island of Corfu, Greece: two friends challenge themselves, in transparent water, in a swimming race between their boat and a rock.

Santorini (analogic photo 1991)

Every day, people spend thousands of words , to express the beauty of the island of Santorini, Greece. What remains of an ancient volcano exploded thousands of years ago. This is an analog photo of 1991, and speaks alone.

I would like to be here

Myrtos, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe; Is located in the Ionian island of Kefalonia, Greece, and is a sandy bay and white bowls, bathed by a wonderful transparent water.

Pirgaki’s juniper (analogic photo 2005)

The Pirgaki beach, in the south of Naxos Island, Greece, is almost always deserted or at most with very few people. Behind the beach, on fine sand dunes, you can see old junipers trees with twisted trunk, shadowing under the Aegean sun.
Analogic photo 2005


The small town of Malvasìa, clinging on a rock, lying in the sea like a ship, is a testament to the greatness of its history, when in its peak of splendor, the citizens who lived there were over 10,000

Navarino Bay

Olive trees with eye-catching, mediterranean scrub and a sea of incredible transparency. This is the Navarino Bay, Peloponnese, Greece


On the coast near Gityon, in the Gulf of Laconia, Peloponnese, you can observe this shipwreck, stranded perfectly on the sand of the beach, and now become a must for photographers and bathers.