Gathering Birds.

River Anton outside Wilco,s, in Bridge Street, Andover, UK, we have a lot of birds on the rivers here but it is nice to see it teaming with life, also have Seagail not near the sea.

Bus station

This is the Bus Station, with a Cafe built just over a year ago, to replace our dated one in Andover UK.

High Street

This is the High Street in Andover UK, on market day, which we have on a Thursday and Saturday.

Top of the World

This panorama was shot at Haleakala National Park in Hawaii. I was impressed by looking “down” on the clouds. The beautiful mountains and hills in shades brown with casts of reds and greens overwhelm your senses. The clouds seem to sit lightly on the mountains and create a contrast to the light blue sky. read more

Blue Green Red

Wildkoegel Mountain in Austria – couple on the top with bikes