Sundown in Rocky Mountain National Park

Clouds coming over the mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park.

8.21.17 Total Eclipse in Columbia, MO

100% eclipse of sun by moon in Columbia, MO

California Historical Landmark

Hotel del Coronado was registered as a California Historical landmark on December 17 1970.

Overlooking the pool

Looking west from the hotel campus

Introducing the Hotel Del Coronado

Sign on Orange Avenue at the entrance to the hotel.

Hotel del Coronado Window Art

Saw this Window about halfway up the south side of the hotel.

Hummingbird resting between sips of sweet nectar

Hummingbird sitting on a feeder in St Elmo, Colorado.

Amtrak on the California Surfline

Amtrak heading toward San Diego on the Pacific Coast Surfline in San Clemente, California.

Snoozing Pelican taking a nap

Pelican resting on a rock overlooking La Jolla Cove.

California Seal enjoying the sun

One of many seals lying in the sun on a La Jolla, CA beach.