FUN! Car race?

Old and now cars raced in Tsukuba Circuit.
This car is the LOTUS Europa!


Koukyo is Japanese emperor’s house.
Originally it was Edo-jo Castle.


This is the Tokyo station.
Popular station in Japan.


On the offertory box.


In kamakura!
Kamakura is old and important city.
This great image of Buddha is so major spot.

Jiro Ramen

This ramen is sooo heavy! Over 300g noodles, over 1000Kcal! Oily and salty (´・ω・`) By the way this ramen is ¥700! It’s very cheap! If you can go to Japan,try eat this.


In Japan!


This flower is Ume.
Ume and Koubuntei.
Koubuntei is Feudal lord’s second house.

Kodokan part 2

This books are old Japanese history txt books.
The name is “Dainihonshi”