Health tour in Utsera, Georgia with

Mountain spa and health resort of Utsera is located in Upper Racha, 15 km away from Oni. The name of the village is linked with the Georgian queen, Tamar: it looks like Tamar and her ilk travelled in her kingdom. When she was in Racha, she visited Utsera, was enchanted with its beauty and said: “Oh, what unspeakable beauty.” As they say, in the course of time, the word ‘unspeakable’ changed and this settlement was called ‘Utsera’ (un-writable’ in Georgian). The village is overlooked by so called ‘Crystal mountain’ where crystal glass fragments are mined. In Utsera 28 various springs gush out of the ground natural mineral water on the surface. As far back as Vakhushti Bagrationi wrote about them in his work

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